Monday, 29 October 2007

Guest: Hugh Laurie

You can't really have a bit of Fry without a bit of Laurie. So here is the also very funny and quite clever Mr Laurie. He's on my list of people you're not supposed to fancy but kind of do a bit. And he rowed when he was at Cambridge. Good man.

Guest: Stephen Fry

Funny man. Very clever too. Would be fab (decided I've been using 'great' too much) to meet him. Am reading his autobiography at the moment - 'Moab is my washpot'. I have to say I haven't looked up 'moab' yet. Ok, now I have... but am not much the wiser:

Modern Language Association (MLA):
"moab." Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary. 29 Oct. 2007.

Guest: Ewan McGregor

He has a cheeky smile and a great sense of fun and adventure. I think he'd have some funny stories to tell. Again, not sure about this photo...

Guest: Rupert Penry-Jones

And yet another not great photo! Adam in 'Spooks' is great. The door for MI5 (the BBC version) is not far from where I work. I think I'll go and find it one lunchtime. And Rupert lives with his wife Dervla Kirwan (actress) in Clapham, where lots of my friends live. So one day I might even see him walking down the street. So I suppose he should be allowed to bring his wife. Ok then. There's never anything wrong with window shopping by the way.

Guest: Reese Witherspoon

Ok, so she can have her own invitation because she is cool. A really good actress and she seems fun. Although obviously if I am married to Jake by the time this garden party comes around, it may be a little awkward.

Guest: Jake Gyllenhaal

Another not great photo of a rather lovely man. I went to see 'Rendition' yesterday. It made me cry. Jake's going out with Reese Witherspoon at the moment, who I think is great, so I guess she can come too.

Guest: Paul Walker

This is not the photo I wanted to put up here. The one I wanted was a still from the film 'In to the Blue' where Mr Walker is mostly topless. Just one word: fit.