Friday, 16 January 2009

Guests: Men's Coxless Four (2008 Olympic Games, Gold medal winners)

I don't row anymore. I got injured in 2007 and then I got lazy. But I still like to watch it. These guys were amazing in Beijing. That's Andrew Hodge, Peter Reed, Steve Williams and Tom James. I met Andrew the other week, he ate some peach crumble that I made, which was (I have to admit) very tasty. He's my friend's brother. So she can pass on the invitation. She can come too of course.

Guest: Bryan Greenberg

I went to see Bride Wars last night. Actually it wasn't as bad as it sounds. It made me laugh, it made me cringe, it almost made me cry (yes, I know, I'm pathetic). Anyway, gorgeous Bryan Greenberg was in it playing Kate Hudson's brother. He's cute in a slightly ginger slightly sticky-outy ears kinda way. And I knew I'd seen him before but couldn't work out where. But then IMDB came to my rescue, as it always does... he was in Prime with Uma Thurman as the toy boy. He can definitely come to my garden party. Which is looking more and more like the total opposite of a party at the Playboy Mansion and not the cultured 'interesting chat' thing that a garden party should be. Probably.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Guest: Aaron Eckhart

I didn't realise I loved this guy just a little bit until I watched 'Erin Brockavich' again the other day. His character, George, is lovely. Which is where the distinction between actor and character blurs. Surely they have to be a little bit like them to be able to play someone so well. Well, no actually. But never mind, I'm not going to shatter my own illusions here. Oh, and he's very good in 'Thank You For Smoking' as well. Nice eyes.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Guest: Hugh Laurie

You can't really have a bit of Fry without a bit of Laurie. So here is the also very funny and quite clever Mr Laurie. He's on my list of people you're not supposed to fancy but kind of do a bit. And he rowed when he was at Cambridge. Good man.

Guest: Stephen Fry

Funny man. Very clever too. Would be fab (decided I've been using 'great' too much) to meet him. Am reading his autobiography at the moment - 'Moab is my washpot'. I have to say I haven't looked up 'moab' yet. Ok, now I have... but am not much the wiser:

Modern Language Association (MLA):
"moab." Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary. 29 Oct. 2007.

Guest: Ewan McGregor

He has a cheeky smile and a great sense of fun and adventure. I think he'd have some funny stories to tell. Again, not sure about this photo...

Guest: Rupert Penry-Jones

And yet another not great photo! Adam in 'Spooks' is great. The door for MI5 (the BBC version) is not far from where I work. I think I'll go and find it one lunchtime. And Rupert lives with his wife Dervla Kirwan (actress) in Clapham, where lots of my friends live. So one day I might even see him walking down the street. So I suppose he should be allowed to bring his wife. Ok then. There's never anything wrong with window shopping by the way.